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Traditional festivals of Formentera

Every year on the same days, a series of traditional festivals take place in Formentera on the occasion of the festival of each town, the patron saint of the island or other types of festivals for religious and popular reasons.

In all of them traditional dances and events are held such as the “Ball Pagès”, masses and various activities always related to the culture and oldest traditions of Formentera. But later at night, everything changes and the concerts, flower power parties and all kinds of shows arrive for those who last all night.

Sant Joan:
The 24th of June. It is a magical night that is celebrated with traditional bonfires, which are said to help leave the bad memories of the year behind. This festival held every year in La Mola is one of the most significant, since all kinds of materials and objects are gathered, piled up and finally at exactly midnight they are burned to leave behind all the evil that lives in them, it would be like a purification that will continue until the next night of Sant Joan.

Sant Jaume:
The festival par excellence is Sant Jaume (patron saint of Formentera), on July 25. This very important day because it is the patron saint of Formentera and Spain, is celebrated with a big party in San Francisco, the capital of the island, where practically all the inhabitants of the island meet and the occasional tourist wanting to enjoy the village party.

Santa Maria:
Santa Maria, on August 5, is a festival that has resurfaced strongly in recent years and has a traveling character throughout the towns of the island. Held each year in a different town, it is characterized by the local wine tasting competition held by the island’s own inhabitants. This competition serves to cheer up spirits and get ready for the arrival of the night, when you can enjoy live music and good company.

Carmen Festivals:
The Virgen del Carmen is celebrated in La Savina and Es Pujols, on July 16. She is the patron saint of the people of the sea. To honor the Virgin, a nautical procession is held, where anyone who wishes can participate aboard their boat. This day, in the middle of summer, is an important day for anyone who feels like a man of the sea. It is tradition that on this day at approximately seven in the afternoon, all the boats leave the port to accompany the Virgin of Carmen to the high seas where, worshiping her, a wreath of flowers is thrown into the water and immediately after some religious words, a group of young people of the island, dance the typical ball pagés on the same fishing boat that will return the virgin to the mainland, to continue later with all the festive events in the same port of La Savina.

Sant Ferran:
Sant Ferran, on May 30. He is the patron saint of the town of Sant Ferran de Ses Roques.

La Mola Festivals:
Our Lady of Pilar, in La Mola, on October 12. Patron saint of Pilar de La Mola.

Sant Francesc Xavier:
Sant Francesc Xavier, on December 3. He is the patron saint of the island’s capital. These last three holidays are, as their name indicates, the festival of the patron saint of each town. These festivals, except for some distinctive details, follow the same agenda of festive events during the day. In the morning a mass is celebrated in the church of the same town where the festival is celebrated, followed by other religious events and entertainment. In the afternoon, mainly the older people of the island plus some tourists gather to watch the “ballada” which is the typical “ball pagés” of the island (folklore section). At night, at midnight more specifically, the fireworks are launched to give way to the youngest party with live musical groups and orchestras in the town square itself, and continue as long as the body allows it until the next day. .

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