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Formentera bookings and offers guide

Formentera bookings and offers guide


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Formentera ECO

In 2019, the proposal to regulate the entry, circulation and parking of vehicles on the island during high season came into force for the first time. This pioneering measure aims to safeguard the environment and reduce pressure on the island’s almost 40 km of road network. This is a measure of general interest, designed to ensure that Formentera continues to be the quiet island that visitors and residents hope to find.

When will it be applied?
In 2023 the rule applied from June 1 to September 30. Every year it is applied on the same dates.

Who is affected?
This regulation affects residents, rental companies and vehicles of tourists and visitors.

Fees, bonuses and fee exemption
The vehicles that will pay the tax will only be those of non-resident visitors to the Balearic Islands who own thermal vehicles (gasoline or diesel), who will have to pay €6.00/day for passenger cars with a minimum amount of €30.00. € and €3.00/day for motorcycles (motorcycles and mopeds) with a minimum amount of €15.00.

Hybrid vehicles of visitors from outside the islands will be 50% discounted and electric vehicles will be 100% discounted. Nor will residents of the Balearic Islands, owners of a second residence on the island, residents of Ibiza who work in Formentera, authorized rental vehicles, vehicles of visitors residing in Ibiza, Menorca or Mallorca and vehicles historic vehicles associated with classic vehicle clubs.

Persons with Reduced Mobility, official vehicles, those for services of public interest, those for transporting goods and industrial machinery are also exempt from payment.

How to proceed?
The Formentera Island Council has created the website where all those interested in circulating, in the months of application, must provide their data to obtain authorization to circulate.

Tourists and visitors

Visitors can make a reservation on the website There they will be told how to proceed with the payment to obtain authorization to circulate. The rate will be €6.00/day for passenger cars with a minimum amount of €30.00 and €3.00/day for motorcycles (motorcycles and mopeds) with a minimum amount of €15.00.

Tourists and visitors must enter the website, where they will inform what day they want to come to Formentera and indicate the type of vehicle. The computer system will verify that during the requested period the maximum number of vehicles allowed on the island is not covered. In this case, the tourist must pay a fee of €3.00/day for passenger cars with a minimum amount of €15.00 and €1.50/day for motorcycles with a minimum amount of €7.50. You will then receive an electronic receipt as it can circulate.

Rental vehicles in Formentera

Rental vehicles on already have this tax included, so they do not have to register on any special website or pay additional taxes. It is rented at the final total price without extras or surprises and they can move around the island freely without any problems.

Your car by ferry from Ibiza to Formentera

If you visit the island of Formentera with your own car, you will have to pay this tax and make a prior reservation at If you wish, here is a link to check schedules and offers for the Ibiza Formentera ferry with a car.

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