How to get to Formentera from Ibiza by ferry

How to get to Formentera from Ibiza by ferry

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How to get to Formentera from Ibiza by ferry

The quickest way to get to the island of Formentera is by traveling first to the island of Ibiza, either by boat or plane. Once we are on the island of Ibiza we only have to take the direct ferry to Formentera. Here we leave you some instructions on how to get to Formentera in three simple steps:


The first thing is to get to the island of Ibiza, located north of Formentera. To travel to Ibiza there are two options: plane or boat.

Travel by plane: Check the different flights from your area of origin to find out if there is the possibility of a direct flight, or if you need to make some type of stopover. In case of stopovers you may need to take several planes. The final destination should always be the island of Ibiza since it is impossible to reach Formentera directly by plane.
Travel by Boat: If you travel by boat you have four options: Departures from Barcelona, Valencia, Denia or Mallorca, always with the final objective being the island of Ibiza.

* Direct to Formentera: If you choose the option to go by boat, there is the possibility of going directly to Formentera without having to stop in Ibiza. Consult the Balearia company since in high season it offers direct routes to Formentera with departures from Denia. Keep in mind that these routes usually vary every year, so before planning a direct trip to Formentera by boat, consult your agency or directly with the shipping company.


I arrived by boat: If you have arrived to the island of Ibiza by boat, you may find yourself in two different places: the port of San Antonio or the main port of Ibiza city. If you are in the main port of Ibiza city you can walk to the Maritime Boat Station to Formentera, where you can take your direct ferry to Formentera.
If you are in the port of San Antonio you must cross the entire island of Ibiza in the direction of the Maritime Boat Station to Formentera in Ibiza city, the options are: bus or taxi (30-40 minutes).

I arrived by plane: Ibiza only has one airport so the route to follow is always the same if you travel by plane. From the airport as you leave, on the right is the bus stop, it is number 10, it leaves every 30 minutes and takes about 30 minutes, it costs approximately €3.20 and leaves you 200 meters from the Maritime Station for boats to Formentera. The second option is to take a taxi which will take approximately 15-20 minutes and will cost €10 to €20 depending on the season and traffic.

Como llegar a Formentera desde Ibiza en ferry

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Perfect! We are already at the Maritime Station for boats to Formentera. Now you just have to take the ferry and in 25-30 minutes we will finally be starting our vacation on the island of Formentera.

The ferry ticket to Formentera can be purchased at the port ticket offices without problems, but to guarantee not having to queue or wait and to be able to take advantage of special discounts of up to 6.25%, it is much better to make the reservation online. This way, when you arrive at the port you can go directly to the first ferry that leaves for Formentera, without having to wait, or go through the ticket office and paying the guaranteed minimum price.

In the summer season, which runs from May to October, a ferry leaves every 30 minutes in the direction of Formentera. For the low season, you have to check the schedule as the ferry frequency drops considerably, although they are still quite regular, but the big difference is that the last one ferry to Formentera is much earlier than in summer when there are ferries practically until midnight.

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