Formentera electric motorcycle rental

Electric motorcycle rental in Formentera

Your electric motorcycle in the port of La Savina, in any of the offices throughout the island or in your own accommodation. Find the best prices with the number 1 companies in Formentera for rental and reservation of electric motorcycles

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The most modern and reliable electric motorcycle/scooter on the island

The Askroll Electric 125 is one of the most reliable and fun electric motorcycles for rent in Formentera. It comes equipped with an additional trunk to store helmets, towels, food or whatever you want to make your rides as comfortable as possible. It has a range of 90 km, more than enough for the entire island and has a charging time of about 5 hours that can be charged at night without problem and enjoyed throughout the day.

Alquiler motos eléctricas en Formentera.

Electric motorcycle rental Formentera port of La Savina

The electric motorcycle rental in the port of Formentera will allow you to start your vacation as soon as you arrive on the island, in complete freedom. And if you book online, you will not only be able to save up to 17% on your rental, you will also avoid queues and waiting at the rental offices. By choosing a trusted rental service, you can enjoy an electric motorcycle in excellent condition. The price for online reservations on the internet will always be better and cheaper than the rental price in any physical office on the island, for this reason most reservations are always online and in advance to be able to enjoy the best possible offers.

Before making a decision, it is a good idea to read the opinions of other users. Previous customer reviews can provide you with valuable information about service quality, customer service, and the condition of the motorcycles. This way you can make an informed decision and find the service that best suits your needs. Visitformentera only works with the number 1 electric motorcycle rental companies in Formentera; endorsed and completely trustworthy companies with years of experience on the island and with thousands of clients happy with their experience renting through

Online reservations

Electric motorcycles are increasingly the most used vehicle to get around the island, so it is advisable to book in advance to ensure availability and the best possible price. Additionally, if you are looking for cheap electric motorcycles and scooters options, planning and booking in advance will allow you to compare prices and find the best deals available.

All online reservations come with the full final price, without extras or surprises. All taxes are included in the reservation price, as well as two fully approved helmets for each motorcycle for perfect safety on your vacation. And since it is an electric vehicle, you can have completely free access without paying anything to all the beaches and coves on the island, as well as in the parking lot. Charging points are located throughout the island and also in most accommodation and restaurants in Formentera and charging is always free.

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